Mixing & Mastering

I’ve been providing mixing, mastering and other engineering services to artists and labels since late 2019. I use a variety of carefully-chosen software including many emulations of quality mastering hardware. I focus on preserving the character of your music while making sure everything will come across to the listener no matter where it’s played.

Communication and transparency are important to me. I’m always happy to answer questions, discuss any project you have in mind, and demystify the process however I can. Get in touch here:


Digital Mastering: $40/track
Stem Mastering: $70/track (up to 3 stems)
Please contact me for pricing on other engineering services like mixdowns, vinyl mastering & pre-mastering, outboard summing…

Engineering Credits: Vinyl Releases
8ULENTINA – Hysteria of Origins (EP 2022)
-Mixing & mastering
2Lanes – Giving & Receiving (EP 2020)
-Mixing & additional production
JNN APRL – No Human Illegal (EP 2020)
-Light mixing & pre-mastering

Mastering Credits: Digital Releases
all Trackland label releases (2014-2022)
John Barera & Brian Abelson –
Myrtle Ave Wetlands (EP on Sorry Records 2022)
Dretraxx – Bronze Age Dub (EP on Body Worx 2022)
Big J – Homeless (BoyBye) (Single 2022)
Flora FM – What We Tread On (EP 2021)
Davis Galvin – Otsinni (EP 2021)
Davis Galvin – Otsanna (EP 2021)
slowdanger – FURY ANGEL (EP on MISC Records 2021)
Aria Bare – Fraying Mental State (Single 2021)
Flora FM – Pacific Column (EP 2021)
Bodyman – Shadow Planet (EP 2021)
Tomu DJ – Fruit 2 (EP 2021)
old terra – interdimentrix (EP on Fokus Global 2021)
Terry Trainer – EP 1 (EP on Fokus Global 2020)
Panooc – Softie (EP on Sorry Records 2020)
SPACEGH0ST – Space Coaster (Single on Sorry Records 2020)
Liquid Earth – Stereo Goblin / Native Sun (EP 2020)
Various – BUK THE SYSTEM (album on Encaustic 2020)
Bored Lord – Pando (EP 2020)
Lonefront – Eschaton Defy (Single 2020)
North End Track Authority – I Need (Single 2020)
Motoko & Myers – Big Day (remix album on Future Times 2020)
Escaflowne – The Stimulus Pack (EP on Sorry Records 2020)
DeViere – Taking Elevators Down (EP 2020)
Various – Ceramic Relief (album on Ceramic Records 2020)
Various – Big Material (album on If-Only 2020)
DJ Wawa – What It Means (Single on Sorry Records 2020)
Various – For The Rave / When The Rave Is Not Enough (album on Spontaneous Affinity 2020)